We painted this street mural for the September 27 Global Climate Strike. We started the design process collectively at a Greenpeace training. I designed the final image and helped organize the chaos of painting in a crowd of thousands of people.

Photo by Mike Graeme.

Photo by Mike Graeme.

Photo by Colton Hash.

A giant collective banner painting for Rise for Climate.

Photos by Tony Sprackett.

Final photo by Mike Graeme.

Claris Figueira, Anna Gerrard and I painted a mural on Wildfire Bakery to advertise the Break Free march and flotilla at the Westridge tanker terminal. Then I was also recruited to design and faciliate a street mural.

In 2015 two exchange students from Europe, Marilou and Anna, assembled a scrappy group of UVic students to plan a rally on the eve of COP 21 in Paris.

We spent weeks cutting out hundreds of cardboard flames and invited the public to paint them with solutions to the climate crisis.

Photos by Hugo Wong.

Photo by David Ellingsen.

Photo by Malkolm Boothroyd.